Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates

  • What is 123JobZone?
  • Should I contact 123JobZone to inquire about a job?
  • How does 123JobZone rank the search results?
  • Where do your job offers come from?
  • How do I get the password to my account if I've forgotten it?
  • I am unable to create an account. What should I do?
  • I have created an account but I can't login. What should I do?
  • How do I access my profile?
  • How do I create an account?
  • Can I save my job search?
  • How do I search for jobs?
  • How do I apply to jobs?
  • Where do I send my resume to or can I upload It?

For Recruiters / Employers

  • How much does it cost to post jobs on 123JobZone?
  • How do I post a job on 123JobZone?
  • What kind of jobs can't I post?
  • Do my jobs go live online immediately?
  • How long will my job be advertised online?
  • How do candidates apply for the jobs I post on 123JobZone?
  • Why am I receiving applications to my email if I didn't post a job on 123JobZone?
  • How many jobs can I post per month?
  • What is a Employer account, and how do I create it?
  • What payment methods can be used to pay for job postings on 123JobZone?
  • Where I can find my invoices?
  • I can't sign in!
  • I forgot my password!
  • How do I update my Employer account information?
  • How do I delete my Employer account?
  • How do I make my job offers appealing to attract more candidates?
  • I have posted a job, but it does not show up in the list of results. Why not?
  • How do I post additional jobs?
  • My job was rejected. Why?
  • My job offer was rejected. How does it affect the Job Posting I used?
  • What do the statuses for jobs entail?
  • How do I edit a job after publishing it?
  • The position has been filled, I wish to no longer advertise it.

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